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David Morrison

Appleton Estate’s Senior Blender, David Morrison, is a true Jamaican in best sense of the word —easygoing, fun-loving and adventurous. 

Born in Kingston, David attended both preparatory and high schools in Kingston before moving on to the University of the West Indies where he received undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Management, and a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems.  

David joined the Appleton Estate team in 1999, and put his chemistry degree to good use working on the chemistry of rum blending. The chemistry of blending, (also referred to as the theoretical side of creating rum) deals with analyzing the chemical profile of the rums, predicting how the different styles of rum are likely to transform as they rest in oak barrels, and how they will react when blended together.

During his first year on the job, David’s organoleptic talent (the ability to detect the hundreds of different aromas that make up the rum’s organoleptic wheel) was discovered, and he was hand-picked by Master Blender, Joy Spence, to study the art and science of blending rums under her tutelage. 

In 2003 David was appointed to Appleton Estate’s Senior Blender. In this position he works with Joy on product development and also oversees packaging quality. 

David’s passion for adventure is evident in the blends that he works on: “At the end of the day, everything that I create is an embodiment of my outlook on life.” His goal is to add his own flair and personality to the company’s rum blends and to continue Appleton Estate’s rich tradition of quality and excellence.  

David is a big football (soccer) fan and an ardent supporter of Arsenal Football Club and Jamaica’s national team, the Reggae Boyz, and he also enjoys attending track and field meets at Jamaica’s National Stadium.

David loves music, and counts Jamaican artistes Agent Sasco, Chronixx, and Taurus Riley amongst his current favourites. He also enjoys travelling and is always up for a new adventure.