The Spirits are Calling. Will you answer? Join us July 15-19, 2015 as the international spirits community answers the call, returning for another spirited round of Tales of the Cocktail®.
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George Nemec

It’s a world of fashion, music, remarkable interiors and unique personalities. It’s like one big Salvador Dali artwork, and in the middle, you are the one able to add a new color.” George Nemec

        In 2004 George Jiri Nemec’s contribution to professional bartending was recognized, winning the prestigious accolade of Australian Bartender of the Year; in 2007 further praise came his way when Bartender magazine announced he had created The Best Cocktail List in Australia. George hasn’t stopped since. Originally from the Czech Republic, after nearly eight years of bartending and bar management in Czech Republic and Australia, in 2009 George left for Shanghai, where he helped launch Gosney and Kallman’s Chinatown, the city’s first dedicated burlesque theatre in the modern era.

      Since then, George’s name has been in-demand. Working for several Shanghai bars as an independent cocktail consultant, as well as for leading alcohol brands as a training expert, George was also invited to the Paris bar show Cocktails and Spirits in 2010 as an ambassador for the Chinese cocktail scene. He has been a regular columnist for Chinese bar industry magazine Drink and Czech Barlife, in which his stunning cocktail styling and photography also appear.

Exploring new countries, relishing cultural adjustments… for George, this “bohemian bar life” has always been motivated by a thirst for knowledge. As he says, “There is always something or somebody new to learn from.” But despite all that travel, his quest has now led him back home, or at least closer to home: Becherovka. “There are just so many things I admire about Becherovka. Its tradition, the independence, its history, the craft, its charisma, and all the while remaining an almost undiscovered potion around the world.”

As a Czech national, George feels great pride in being part of the new chapter being written in the life of this mysterious herbal liqueur. “Only the family of Jan Becher have ever been the true ambassadors of Becherovka. Now I am being asked to introduce the spirit to a new generation of bartender artists. If I was ever meant to move into the brand ambassador world, it definitely had to be a brand with great history, and the 1807 on the Becherovka bottle speaks for itself.”
George was voted as top ten brand ambassadors in the world by “Tales Of The Cocktails” – New Orleans and became regular panellist for several international competitions and awards including TOTC.

George’s trade secret – “Work with open eyes and heart” – reflects his unassuming personality and ardent work ethic. Diligent, willing to listen to everyone and everything, George is ready to immerse himself in a new experience and meet the many inspiring people who have built the worldwide bar market. He is also ready to introduce them to the mystery of Becherovka, the spirit brand that represents his home country more than any other. 


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