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Tito Cordero

Rum Diplomatico
Maestro Ronero

A chemical engineer born in Venezuela, Tito Cordero graduated from the Polytechnic University of Barquisimento. Tito joined DUSA in 1988 and has been working with Diplomático since its creation. Through the years he has acquired the experience and expertise necessary to fulfill his current role, Diplomático's Maestro Ronero or Master Blender. 

Throughout his tenure, he has perfected his knowledge in the art of rum making with passion, dedication and above all, with a deep respect for tradition. He believes that the success of Rum Diplomático is a result of the dedication and efforts of the full team working for the brand. 

Along with the Rum Diplomático Classic Line, Tito is particularly proud of the development of Diplomático Ambassador, a powerful and rich premium rum crafted from the distillery’s best rum reserves, which highlights his expertise and represents the ultimate expression of his life work. 

In addition to his dedication to the quality of the Diplomático rums, Tito has also helped the distillery to ensure a perfect harmony between production and the environment. In 1988, he was recognized in New York with an international award for achievements in environmental engineering. The system for reclaiming 100% of wastewater from the distillery for agricultural fertilizer on the sugar cane plantations contributed to the certification process under the ISO 14001 Environmental criteria. 

Beyond these achievements, Tito holds a variety of awards from international competitions for the Diplomático brand. These titles include the “Rum Blender of the Year,” at the London Rum Barrel Awards in 2011 and 2013, and the “World’s Best Master Blender,” at the Madrid International Rum Conference in 2014. 

As Maestro Ronero, Tito strives to create an art that can be enjoyed by all the art of Rum Diplomático.