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Santiago Suarez

Mezcal Amarás
Mexico city
Santiago is the Founder and CEO of Mezcal Amaras,

After graduating from college as an Industrial Engineer major from Universidad Iberoamericana in 2009, he chose to do his Social Service in Oaxaca, restructuring an association that sponsored children in need aiding and supervising their health, nutrition and schooling. Santiago moved to Oaxaca and took part in the daily lives of a few different communities. He was mesmerized by the cultural richness of Oaxaca, everything was around their holidays, and mescal played a very important role in them. He discovers the different tastes of mescals from town to town and from agave to agave, the complexity of its flavors, the handcraftsmanship of its production and its symbolism to the people. Santiago also realizes the importance and necessity to convey a product with so little recognition in the “outside” world, thus giving birth to this little great idea.

With a clear objective, Santiago sets out to research as much as he can about mescal and the Agave plant. The more he learns the more he falls in love with the subject. In order to communicate what he has learned, he decides he has to create a mescal brand and sets out in search for the right Maestro Mescalero. He met over 40 maestros while travelling around Oaxaca. During the road trips with his business partner and friend, their love for their country, its culture and their love for mescal harvested the name for the brand: MEZCAL AMARÁS. The vision and goal of the brand was to motivate people that business can be done in different ways, creating win-win situations between the nature, community and clients. The first approach was to define by giving back 15% to the producers, community and the chain of value.

On December 12th of 2011, MEZCAL AMARÁS is launched in Mexico with a very different proposal from the rest of the mescales in the market at that time. The idea was to create a is a high quality, smooth, clean and balanced mescal that maintains its craftsmanship.

MEZCAL AMARÁS philosophy today has achieved, the first future priced agave treaty signed with a community, planting with communities 10 agaves for each agave used, planted tree different varieties of agave being two of them wild agaves, helping producers grow their facilities with direct investment, and giving microloans with no interest.