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Rasmus Shepherd-Lomborg

Ruby Copenhagen
Early experience: worked a few dubious beer & shot bars in Copenhagen then started as a trainee chef, and went to Edinburgh as part of an internship. Started clearing tables in a local cocktail bar Henry's on the side in the evenings, while he was doing chef training during the day. 

Quickly he became the World’s Best Bar backer, and progressed to bartending - chef training was added to the long list of unsuccessful attempts at a formal education and was dropped. Fulltime bartending ensued through the late 90's and was lucky to become bar manager. 

Meet his wife (hired her as a bartender) in Henrys, then moved on (not from her –they’re still together and now have 3 kids) from Henry's to a local operator for whom he opened 3 bars in 3 years. Great learning curve, but not fantastic bars, and not a fantastic employer. 

Left Edinburgh for Manchester to re-launch a Henry's down there, after which he was headhunted to build/launch a membership club for the Style In The City chaps, that owned the Babushka bars, Nylon In The City, the BED bars etc in London. 

After a successful launch in Manchester, went back to Edinburgh, did a bit of consultancy work for Malmaison Hotel, and Hilton hotels, and was General Manager at Henrys, until they (his wife & him) left for Copenhagen in 2005.
 In Denmark he opened a new snazzy design hotel as F&B Director, while his wife was Bar manager in local K Bar. In order to stay in touch with his bartending he was doing 'moonlighting' shifts in local bars Oakroom and Hotel 
Fox, and finally he opened RUBY in 2007.
It proved very successful and in 2012 they opened LIDKOEB, which is also going very well. 

The team is currently planning on opening their 3rd venue later in the year; not bad for a couple of bartenders:)

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