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Jacob Tschetter

The Bearded Alchemist
I originally hail from Madison Wisconsin.  I come from a long line of working class folks, as well as bakers and cooks. In my household, taste was always paramount. We may not have been rich, but we could make the most out of what we had.  I once spent an entire day going through my grandparents spice racks (no small feat), tasting everything they had. My grandfather found this hilarious, so he started charting out what flavors went together in order to show me all the connecting points.  I cooked, baked and bartended for a long time before I got seduced by the world of nonprofit/admin work.  However, crafting and creating dishes has been something that I loved doing.  I also, deeply missed the social aspect of bartending.  I suppose it was always bound to happen again.  When I moved out to New York, I immediately fell in love with the world of craft cocktails. I would frequent spots like Gin Palace, Death and Co., Extra Fancy and PDT.  Trying to absorb as much as I could.  In my down time, I learned everything I could, I practiced at home, I spoke and trained with some truly talented folks, I picked up every book I could find.  I would scour my old cookbooks and transform aspects of these recipes into inspired cocktails.  But what it all comes down to though, I give the kind of service that I crave.  I want The Jeffrey to be an open and accessible cocktail experience.  I want people to feel like they are being heard and understood.  I want folks to leave feeling like they learned something or tasted something that they never tasted before.  I want to help facilitate fascinating conservations with interesting folks. Most of all though, I want folks to walk out of the door feeling appreciated.