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Andy Borbely

Andy Borbely is a small-town Midwesterner with a Yale diploma and a passion for bartending. He first dipped into the restaurant service industry while he was considering grad school, and quickly realized that he preferred the psychology and sociology of the spirits industry to the world of academia. He explains, “I believe bars and restaurants are an engaging forum in which to converse and conspire, and I continue to learn something new and interesting every single day—even after a dozen years in the fine spirits industry.”

Andy took his first bartending job when he decided to merge out of a career in nonprofit environmental advocacy. While his first bartending job was initially just a way to pay the bills, he eventually became convinced that it could be a more fulfilling experience. “I was frustrated with the reality that I was not particularly effective at influencing Congressional legislation, but I enjoyed the sense of control that came from holding court at my bar each night! I feel uplifted by the growth of the fine spirits industry and the rise of the craft beer scene. These trends demonstrate that consumers care more about what is in their glass than they did only a few years ago, which I believe is a reflection of the idea that drinking is more about the social experience than it is about function. I enjoy being a representative of quality spirits made by distillers who are as passionate as I am about their roles in our industry.” 

Andy first learned about Angel’s Envy by way of Lincoln Henderson. “I knew of Mr. Henderson’s reputation long before I ever heard that he was the driving force behind Angel’s Envy. Mr. Henderson’s commitment to developing the premium spirits category spoke for itself, so when I tasted Angel’s Envy I was glad that it lived up to his reputation.” When he’s not representing Angel’s Envy in and around New Orleans, Andy also tends bar the Avenue Pub, a craft beer bar that brought him in for his whiskey expertise. In his spare time, you can usually find Andy at the gym, where he boxes and dabbles in kickboxing. When he and his friends aren’t busy knocking each other around, Andy enjoys writing, and is currently working on a novel. “I like to say that when I’m not writing, I’m fighting. That might constitute a bit of a Hemingway complex, but I’m fine with it. Sometimes I do my best writing after I get my bell rung a few times early in the day!” We’re reasonably sure that Hemmingway would have approved.